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Who Am I?

My name is Li Ping Thong and I am a creative multimedia designer and lecturer. I love teaching – I am currently a lecturer at the RMIT University, Melbourne, where I teach digital media/multimedia courses. I enjoy seeing and living at different parts of the world to experience different cultures and meeting new people. I am Malaysian Why you should hire Li Ping ;) but have been working abroad since 2008.  I was based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam for 7 years before moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2015.


My Education?

I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process. Throughout my education I have always followed true to my passion in the areas of creative multimedia, digital games and educational technologies. I graduated from Multimedia University with honors in Bachelors of Multimedia (Film and Animation). Following that, I completed and received my Masters of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) postgraduate degree. I am currently undertaking my PhD study in Serious Games and Virtual Worlds with Coventry University, United Kingdom. My research areas include serious gaming, educational technologies and game-based learning.

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My Skills and Expertise?

I am very passionate with both teaching and designing. I believe I strike an excellent balance between being a design practitioner and an academic in design. As a multimedia designer, my experience allowed me to be competent in many different areas of multimedia, specifically in 2d/3d animation, digital illustration, interactive multimedia and web design. This translates to my ability of teaching a wide range of courses as a lecturer, where I share with students my experience, thoughts and insights of different areas in multimedia. I started teaching since 2006 and my teaching skills allow students to absorb knowledge and skills very effectively, producing excellent works by the end of the semester.

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